What Are The Top 4 Electric Fireplace Brands In Canada?

To make your life easier, here are the best electric fireplace brands to choose from

Actively burning flames in a beautifully crafted fireplace, producing warmth that fills the entire room, is why people invest in fireplaces. They not only add warmth during the intense winter in Canada but also enhance the ambiance.

However, not everyone can afford a big traditional fireplace, especially when it comes to rented apartments. In this case, an electric fireplace is an excellent option.

Why Opt For Electric Fireplaces?

  • You can manage and control the heat of your fireplace without the need to wait for the woods to burn and spread warmth in the room.
  • Electric fireplaces are safe to use as they produce fake flames, and the entire fireplace is cool to touch.
  • You can create a heating zone within your house. There is no need to increase the temperature of the entire house if you want warmth in your bedroom.
  • The unique designs and varying styles perfectly blend with any home décor.
  • These fireplaces do not generate harmful gases such as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Luckily, Expresshood.com houses some of the top electric fireplace brands in Canada, offering express delivery across Canada. The website also provides professional installation services.

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Best Fireplace Brands to Choose From

Now, there are a ton of fireplace brands in Canada, but not all of them provide the same quality.

To make your life easier, here are the best electric fireplace brands to choose from, with their complete ranges available at Espresshood.com at discounted prices. You are looking for a small electric fireplace, wall-mounted electric fireplace, an electric fireplace with a mantel, an outdoor electric fireplace, or an electric fireplace insert, Expresshood.com has it all.

1. Dimplex Electric Fireplaces

Canadians highly value Dimplex electric fireplaces for the quality and aesthetics they bring to the table!

Dimplex is a leading brand when it comes to designing the most realistic-looking fireplaces, especially for small spaces. They have a patent LED technology that produces 3D flames, giving you the impression real flames are burning on the logs in a traditional fireplace.

Dimplex aims to bring high-quality, innovative products to their customers, which is why their fireplaces are made of cabinet-quality wood veneers. On the other hand, the mantles around these fireplaces are designed with commercial-grade hardware, making them more durable.

More features include a heating system covering 400 square feet of space, easy plug-in options, multiple styles, and remote control to manage the heat output.

Prominent Features
  • Every Dimplex electric fireplace is aesthetically pleasing and offers a soothing burning looks.
  • Do not emit any type of harmful chemicals such as soot and ashes.
  • They have a Purifire Air Filter System to remove allergens from the environment.

2. Napoleon Electric Fireplaces

Napoleon is another trusted brand providing top-quality electric fireplaces for homeowners looking to enjoy warm and cozier indoors.

Napoleon brand is a family-owned business in Canada. We love how the designs and products introduced by the brand are always user-friendly. The innovative fireplaces by Napoleon can be hung on the wall or fixed into a wall for a more customized look.

Allure, Alluravision, Ascent, and Clarion are some of Napoleon’s most popular product lines, with each Napoleon electric fireplace featuring unique features. Allure series has slimline models with glass frames. Alluravision has both slimline (produce 5000 BTUs of heat) and deep fireplaces (produce 9000 BTUs of heat).

Prominent Features
  • Different models and multiple sizes give you a broad range of choices.
  • Every Napoleon electric fireplace has a simple plug-in option for easy installation.
  • Adjustable flame speed for enhanced customization.
  • Have special models for small spaces, such as the slimline models.
  • Affordable electric fireplaces than other brands available in the market.
  • Napoleon electric fireplaces allow you to enjoy six ember bed colours.
  • Bigger built-in models such as Napoleon Element can warm up 1000 square feet of area pretty quickly.

3. Amantii Electric Fireplaces

Amantii is a leading brand in the electric fireplace market with products that are unique and contemporary. Amantii has over three decades of experience designing electric fireplaces with incredible features fused with diversified models and styles. The wall-mounted fireplaces by the company are ideal for homes with no floor space to install the traditional fireplace.

These fireplaces use advanced heating technology to create beautiful realistic flames producing excellent heat to keep your room comfortable during winters. The fireplaces usually cover an area of about 400-500 square feet and take up to 1500 Watts of electricity to operate smoothly.

Besides creating a warm atmosphere in your house, Amantii fireplaces are available in steel and glass (different colors) surround that blend in well with the interior design of your house.

Prominent Features
  • Most fireplace units come in 13 backlit colours with a large glass at the front, creating a modern look.
  • They have advanced customizable flame display settings allowing homeowners to control the brightness of the flame.
  • The remote control allows you to adjust the thermostat while also enabling you to adjust the backdrop for your extremely cool fireplace.
  • These units are easy to install.
  • All models of the brand can easily be used as indoor and outdoor units.

4. Modern Flames Electric Fireplace

Modern Flames brand designs high-quality electric fireplaces for homeowners and commercial buildings. These fireplaces are easy to install and have a powerful heater that produces 10,000 BUTs of heat. The Landscape series is more powerful and can quickly warm up to 1000 square feet of the area.

Realistic flame technology, multiple sizes, a controllable thermostat, and different flame colors are some prominent features of Modern Flames electronic fireplaces. Though the Modern Flames electric fireplaces are expensive, they provide exquisite results.

Prominent Features
  • Some models of this brand can be controlled via smartphone.
  • You can control your fireplace using Wi-Fi.
  • Every electric fireplace uses a highly efficient heater for covering large rooms.
  • Some models are equipped with the latest Hybrid.FX™ Flame Technology that gives a perfect ember colour to your fireplace.
  • Can be placed right beneath your TV.
  • Ideal for big homes and apartments.
Best Electric Fireplace Brands Under One Roof

Having an electric fireplace in your home is a modern and fashionable way of enjoying heat and coziness in the snowy weather of Canada instead of building a whole new fireplace with a mantle and chimney, which means mess and destruction of your fully decorated room.

Also, electric fireplaces are ideal for all sorts of homes. From small rental homes to condos to large homes, an electric fireplace warms up the place without renovating the house from scrape.

If you wish to incorporate an electric fireplace in your home this winter, visit Expresshood.com to invest in the best electronic fireplace for your space and enjoy the fastest delivery across Canada and professional installation services.

Best Fireplace Brands to Choose From Summery

Best Fireplace Brands to Choose From Summery
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To make your life easier, here are the best electric fireplace brands to choose from.
To make your life easier, here are the best electric fireplace brands to choose from.
Total Score iRating is based on average customer satisfaction for each brand
  • Dimplex Electric Fireplaces
    9/10 Amazing
  • Napoleon Electric Fireplaces
    9/10 Amazing
  • Amantii Electric Fireplaces
    8/10 Very good
  • Modern Flames Electric Fireplace
    8/10 Very good
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