What Are The Things To Consider Before Buying A Sofa Bed?

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Sofa beds are popular among apartment and small home owners as they serve the function of bed when needed, giving a comfortable space for guests. These space-saving sofa beds come in different styles and can make any tiny space look stylish and comfortable. You can buy a sectional sofa bed, loveseat sofa bed, a pull out sofa bed or a futon sofa bed, depending on your choice.

However, a sofa bed is not only proffered by homeowners with limited home space, but many people also consider a sofa bed due to its versatility.

Although buying a sofa bed sounds like a simple task, it’s best to do your homework before stepping out into the market. You must consider many essential factors before buying the perfect sofa bed for your home, including the area and your budget. So, make sure you have answers to the following questions before you initiate the buying phase.

How Will You Be Using The Sofa Bed?

The market is filled with small size easily moveable sofa beds to queen-sized ones supporting the needs of every consumer. But you need to focus on the purpose for which you want to buy a sofa bed, and it will also guide you in finding the right piece.

Will You be Using it Frequently?

Most homeowners need a sofa bed to entertain occasional guests who come for extended visits. In such a case, it is best to ensure that “the bedaspect of the furniture is comfortable, the mattress is springy, and has a swift mechanism.

The Size of Your Apartment

The primary purpose of the sofa bed is to save space and give you an additional bed, but it also has to be an article that compliments your home décor. If you live in a tiny condo, a small to moderately-sized lightweight sofa bed is ideal for you. But if you have a big house and want a sofa bed for just in case occasions, you have unlimited choices. Instead of getting confused between a 2 and 3 seater sofa bed, you can opt for a customized one.

Sofa or Sofa Bed?

Which part of the sofa bed will you be using the most: the sofa or the bed?

If you intend to decorate your living room and will only need “the bed” aspect of it on rare occasions, go with the “sofa comfortable approach.” In such a case, your primary consideration should be the fabric, upholstery design, and comfort level of the sofa.

Which Type Of Sofa Bed Do You Prefer?

There has been a lot of modification to the design of the sofa bed. To give consumers the element of choice, varying types of sofa beds are available. The two basic types preferred by homeowners include:

Traditional Pull Outs

As the name suggests, a pull out sofa bed can be pulled out and transformed into a queen-size or king-size bed. They are ideal for small-sized homes and are highly comfortable.

Fold Out Sofa Beds

Fold-out sofa beds lay flat when opened. It can easily accommodate 2 persons at a time. However, the bed aspect of the sofa is less comfortable for periodic use.

Other Types Include:
  • Click-clack sofa beds
  • Corner sofa bed
  • Storage sofa bed
  • A-frame sofa beds
  • Three fold roll out
Factors to Consider Before Buying a Sofa Bed

The purpose, budget and type are only the essential factors you need to consider before purchasing a sofa bed. However, to make a worthy investment and ensure the sofa bed is a reliable piece of furniture of all aspects, it’s adequate to consider some more elements.

Comfortable Mattress

The quality of the mattress used in the sofa bed defines its comfort level. Open sprung, pocket sprung, and memory foam are often ideal choices by customers. Where memory foams are both warm and supportive to the body, pocket spring mattresses are highly comfortable but expensive. So, it all comes down to your budget and comfort.

Size of Your Sofa Bed

As discussed before, the size of the open and closed sofa bed is a must to consider before you purchase one. You must be able to adjust the sofa bed in your room without disturbing the interior of your home.

Measure the back of the sofa bed to the end of the sleeping area to estimate the total area it will cover in your home.  Always remember, a larger sofa doesn’t mean a bigger bed.

Not to forget, there will be other pieces of furniture in the room. Make sure the room has enough space to move those pieces, so it becomes convenient for you to open and adjust the sofa bed.

Opening and Closing Mechanism

Missing out on this point will rob you of the benefit of the sofa bed. Quick opening and effortless closing should be the dominant feature of your sofa bed.  Have a look at the mechanism of the product, check for squeaking sounds, and ensure the moving parts are strongly fitted into the furniture.

Durable Upholstery

Do you have kids in the house or maybe pets that love to sit on the sofa’s upholstery?

The upholstery of the sofa bed should be prepared with high-quality fabric. An ideal fabric keeps your furniture looking fresh while also preventing wear and tear from continuous use.

The first tip is to look at the rub count of the fabric used to prepare the upholstery. 30,000 rubs mean a durable and long-lasting cushioning material. Right woven fabric, higher thread count, and Aquaclean fabric will make your sofa stand the dust of times.

The Frame of the Sofa Bed

The hardwood frame of the sofa bed manufactured from dried hardwood or furniture-grade plywood is considered the strongest and most durable. The sofa bed frame made from pine wood should better be avoided.

The Fillings in the Sofa

The fillings in the sofa determine the level of comfort and convenience. Check the variety of fillings to determine which one will serve you the best.

  • Fibre fillings are excellent for support and provide high comfortability.
  • For more softness, you can choose plump feather fillings for your sofa.
  • But the above options may cost you more compared to a simple foam-filled sofa, which tends to be firmer than the latter ones.
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