What Are The Best Gas Patio Heater Brands Available In Canada?


There is nothing more therapeutic than enjoying outdoor sitting and spending quality time with friends and family. But when living in Canada, an outdoor sitting arrangement is impossible to think of without high-quality and energy-efficient gas patio heaters.

Energy efficiency is one of the primary features to consider before buying outdoor heating products for your patio. Almost all gas patio heater brands claim to be energy efficient, but the only way to check the accuracy of their claim is to select the brand by comparing their features.

Now there is a wide range of gas patio heater brands available today on the market, making the selection of the best quite tricky.

But what if you get a variety of best patio heaters brands in one place?

Of course, you will be happy and be able to make a decision with ease!

Best Gas Patio Heater Brands

Here are a few best gas patio heaters brands that will make your selection process easy. You can get the complete range of products from these brands at reasonable rates at Espresshood. You can compare the features and price ranges of all outdoor heater brands and finalize the best patio heater that satisfies your needs.

1. Bromic Gas Patio Hetaers

Bromic is the brand that has changed the heating industry by designing and engineering high-quality gas and electric heaters. Bromic heaters are known for their superior-quality heating performance as well as unparalleled designs. Bromic has won many awards such as the Red Dot design award, Good Design award, and others for its heating products. Bromic is the only company with Lloyd’s Register Certification specializing in the maritime industry’s engineering and technology.

They have been manufacturing patio heating products since 2007. These patio heaters are suitable for all purposes, whether your backyard BBQs or commercial beer gardens. Especially the Smart-Heat range of Bromic is a unique balance of durability, performance, and quality and is available in Platinum and Tungsten. Not to forget, Bromic heaters are super easy to use. From natural gas patio heater to portable patio heater, you can get everything.

Bromic ensures the maximum level of thermal comfort at the best ROI. Not only this, but Bromic manufactures highly energy-efficient products by using a combination of short and medium wave technology.

Salient Features

  • Highly modern in looks, these heaters produce environmentally efficient heat to keep the atmosphere warm and cozy around you.
  • Bromic smartly designed heaters resist wind and make sure it functions reliably with speeds up to 15km/hr.
  • They are best for heat distribution with the honeycomb mesh screen.
  • The patio heater brand uses the infrared heat method, which works by producing infrared radiation directly instead of wasting energy by dispersing heat, unlike the conventional heating method.
  • Bromic heaters are highly energy efficient as the patio heater brand uses guiding heating components to maximize energy efficiency and thus circumvents over-heating.
  • Dual power options with an inclusive collection of ceiling options.
  • Design heating products that become part of your environment.

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